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Clients - Business

Vendor Risk Assessment

The current practice your company follows , hopefully, meets all of your business requirements if not, we will be designing a system that can be implemented and managed by a new vendor. If there are additional risks, will this vendor add to your overall security system and how will they fit into your current business continuity and disaster recovery plans? A more basic question may be whether or not you could even trust this vendor with your data.

We can help you assess your new vendors for their ability to meet your needs by keeping your data secure. In cases where the new vendor falls short, we can even coach them to get up to speed in order to meet your security standards. Whether it’s on premises or a cloud provider we can help you ensure that your new vendor has your best interest in mind when it comes to security.


Your company is about to acquire another company. Here are some questions that you should be asking yourself. How mature is that company’s IT infrastructure and processes? How much IT Security Risk are we buying? How can we integrate their security with ours? We can help you answer these and other questions about the company that is going to be acquired or one that has recently been acquired.